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Advice and Tutorials

Watch videos of British Council IELTS experts giving advice on how to prepare for the IELTS Reading paper, and what to do on test day. Get valuable IELTS Reading tips, and find out exactly what the examiner is looking for.

Tips and advice for IELTS Reading

Practice Zone

To succeed in IELTS, you need two things: the right level of English, and lots of practice in the IELTS task types. The Road to IELTS Practice Zone is a great source of IELTS Reading practice online. You’ll try all the task types: Yes / No / Not given; Matching headings to paragraphs; Short answers… and all the rest.

learn all the IELTS Reading question types with the online practice, Road to IELTS

Test Practice

Finally, you need test practice. Use Road to IELTS to access mock IELTS Reading test papers — carefully prepared by British Council specialists. Boost your confidence by trying them under exam conditions.

And if you’re taking the computer-delivered version of the test, you need to practise with the CD IELTS Simulator. This takes you through exactly what you’ll be doing on test day.

IELTS Reading mock paper


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