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What is IELTSPractice?

IELTSpractice is a 100% online course to help you get the best possible score in IELTS. How will it hope you prepare?

  1. IELTS practice. You must practise the IELTS question types. They are very different from anything you have done at school.
  2. Improve your English. You may need to improve your English grammar, vocabulary and communication skills.

IELTSpractice will help you overcome both these challenges and will prepare you for a great IELTS score.

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General enquiry

Are there any mock test papers?

Yes. Road to IELTS (either Academic or General Training) provides 27 practice test papers with answer keys (9 sets for each of the Listening, Reading and Writing tests), and also 9 Speaking test Part 2 practice tests with a timer and a self-review panel.

These are available in the Success or Premium packages.

Click here for details of the IELTSpractice plans.

General enquiry

Does Road to IELTS give me an IELTS score?

You can predict your potential IELTS band scores with the IELTS score calculator after you do the mock test papers in the Road to IELTS program.

General enquiry

I have just purchased an account. Where do I find mock test papers and practice activities on your website?

All IELTS core skills videos, practice activities and mock test papers are available within the Road to IELTS program.

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General enquiry

I have registered for the IELTS test with the British Council. I was told that I would have Road to IELTS for free. Where can I access it?

If you registered for the IELTS with the British Council, you will receive free access to Road to IELTS Last Minute. This is a cut-down version of the Road to IELTS Full Version available on this site.

Normally, IELTS takers access the Last Minute version in the British Council Test Taker Area or Candidate Area. Sign-in information is provided within the test registration confirmation email. Please contact your test registration centre if you have not received this email.

General enquiry

What are the subscription plans?

IELTSpractice provides three plans: Speed, Success and Premium. Click here to find out more.

General enquiry

What does Road to IELTS provide?

With Road to IELTS, you get...

  • Practice test papers with answer keys
  • Speaking test Part 2 practice tests with a timer and a self-review panel
  • 17 advice videos from British Council experts
  • Over 300 interactive activities with instant feedback
  • 4 ebooks explaining each test component in detail
  • A downloadable study planner to help you get started
  • Detailed record functions so you can measure your progress
  • A band score calculator and exam countdown meter.
  • Extra support materials such as study guides, IELTS Tips app and daily tips at our Facebook page.

Click here for details of the IELTSpractice plans.

General enquiry

Does your practice provide feedback?

IELTSpractice.com provides IELTS skills practice in the Practice Zone. There are over 300 interactive exercises with marking and feedback. The mock tests come with answer keys for the Listening and Reading tests, as well as model answers for the Writing test and a self-assessment panel for Speaking.

General enquiry

I have not booked my IELTS test yet. Can I subscribe to IELTSpractice?

Yes. We understand that some candidates may want to prepare better before they book the IELTS test. You can subscribe to IELTSpractice even you have not booked the IELTS test.

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General enquiry

Does IELTSpractice provide different practice contents every day or week? Can I repeat the practices?

You can access to all available practice material from the first day of the subscription. You are free to decide when, what and how often you want to practise.

General enquiry

I have already got the free Last Minute practice from the British Council. What are the differences between Road to IELTS Last Minute and the Full Version at IELTSpractice.com?

Road to IELTS Last Minute Version includes only about one quarter of the complete Full Version content.

At IELTSpractice.com, you are not limited to having Road to IELTS only, you can choose to subscribe the Success or Premium courses that provide extensive practice on writing, grammar and exam study skills.

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Do I need to install anything on my computer?

If you subscribe to the Speed package, you do not need to install anything on your computer. You can access Road to IELTS with a web browser on any devices.

With the Success and Premium packages, Road to IELTS, Tense Buster, Study Skills Success and Practical Writing run online and you only need a web browser and stable Internet connection to access them.


Can I sign in to my account on multiple devices at the same time?

No. You can only sign in to your account on one device. Subscribers are not licensed to share their account with other users.

Other enquiry

I am very new to online learning. How should I start?

IELTSpractice provides an all-in-one platform for the IELTS preparation. All courses are available to access within the member area. Each skills practice program is designed for an intuitive user experience. A study planner is also provided for helping users to get started easily and to practice more effectively.

Other enquiry

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Subscribers may cancel the subscription to IELTSpractice for a full refund, provided notification of the request to cancel is received by ClarityEnglish within ONE hour of the purchase. Please check that the services match your requirements immediately when you receive the account confirmation. If you are not sure if the course is right for you, you can try the Free Version here.

Other enquiry

I have made a mistake and subscribed to the General Training Module. Is it possible to change to the Academic Module?

You are recommended to sign in and check your account details as soon as you have completed the buy steps and have received the welcome email. If you have the wrong module, please contact the support team immediately or within the first day of your subscription. We can change the module for you if necessary (at no cost).

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What is IELTSpractice?

IELTSpractice is the ideal platform to bring you IELTS success. It features Road to IELTS, the British Council's official 100% online preparation course.

  • Interactive activities, videos, study guides — to build your confidence
  • Grammar, writing, speaking, study skills — to improve your English level
  • 36 practice tests with answer keys — to measure your progress!

IELTSpractice is jointly brought to you by the British Council and ClarityEnglish.

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