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Use the score calculator to find out your current band score, so you can see how much work you need to do.

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1. Start the Free Version.

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2. Try the tests

Click on Reading and then the Test Practice tab. Try a free Reading mock test. Then click on Listening and try a free Listening mock test.

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3. Calculate the band score

Score your tests using the Answer Key. Put your scores into the score calculator to predict your band scores.

Improve your band score

Build your IELTS knowledge and improve your score.


Explore blog posts written by British Council IELTS experts, IELTS authors, teachers and successful candidates. Use their insights to improve your score.

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"What I found particularly useful was the advice from real examiners."

Road to IELTS helped me to get the overall band score I needed to apply to a prestigious university in the UK.

-Yully Ocampo

"IELTS Free Resources are excellent!"

This platform is very educative. I have now learned the tricks in this test and I am determined to get a better band score this time around especially, in the writing test.

-Sadik Ahmed

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